MBC Products (Costa Rican Spirits) Now Available in the USA!

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Mint Ventures LLC is excited to announce that MBC Products will now be offering their exquisite Costa Rican Spirits in the USA! MBC Products is a Costa Rican-American company with various lines of products for sale. These products include distilling liqueurs of high quality and pureness. MBC Products is committed to offering high quality products with the most competitive prices!!

Among their lines of products, the RUMS HISPANIOLA from Dominican Republic origin (now manufactured in Costa Rica), these spirits hold a long and recognized tradition in the production of rum, awarded several prices at the international level.

Additionally, MBC also offers their line of AGUARDIENTES y GUAROS, RUMS, GINS and CREAMS, manufactured by FINAL.

MBC Products offers the following different ranges to choose from:

  • Rums Hispaniola
  • Guaros/Aguardientes
  • Vodkas
  • Gins
  • Creams

We are very excited to be working with MBC Products as their brand manager! Please contact Mint Ventures LLC to obtain samples and be one of the first to distribute throughout the USA Market.


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